News FTW! October 30, 2008, 9:46 pm

G'day folks.. it would appear we've been really slack in the news department (for about 1 1/2yrs!!)..

so we thought we put something up, as much has been happening :D

After a great dutchy lan over @ raven's this summer (much respect to raven for putting together such a fine event, we know he really pulled out the stops for that one!)

The ministry managed to press gang a few extra coding recruits @ the lan and in a alcohol fueled frenzy we set about making new code for AHL. The fire's down in the code smith's furnace have been stoked, and we're in business again!

For nearly 2 years the ministry have been keeping an eye on the forums and have taken in all the feedback suggestions comments etc.. although now a rare bread, the AHL community is still alive and well! which is a testament to its awesomeness ;o)

So we are happy to announce work is commencing on the next release and we're hoping to get a release out with the next couple of months!

To summarise - a massive review of the code was undertaken by the new comers, and we've decided to fix a lot of silly Casino Zara game bugs/flaws and address some minor balance issues. there shall also be a few new features/effects being added. AHL shall be "digitally remastered" for its glorious director's cut final release.

watch this space!
<------- and the percentage bar!

The management

- Sykes

Yo momma!!!! April 29, 2007, 10:21 pm

Greetz guys and gals...

A long and awaited update from the ministry! we're still here!

1st off... tis great to see the community still active! you guys rock.
in particular:

House of Arg
and GHG Clan

nice to see some servers about, both sides of the big pond!
GHG - we're simply luvin ur server configs, hats off to you guys for hosting such enjoyable servers to game on!

NOW : just a little update.. we haven't forgotten about AHL, stuff has kinda been on hold, whilst little ol me (sykes) has been busy RL'ing.

Im 100% hoping to get some kinda release out for the comming dutchie LAN event!

Look out for more updates soon!

Keep playing AHL, keep having fun :D

- Sykes

Forum Spam November 20, 2006, 12:25 am

New measures are being taken to guard us from the spam forum that has been leaking in over the past few months.

It does seem to be getting worse, which can only mean we're getting linked in alot :D

anyways.. using IRC, do drop by #clan-ladnet on quakenet if you experience issues registering.

Thankyou for your patients.

a big FU to all those botnet spamming scumbags who waste all our time :(

- Sykes

AHL: World Domination July 17, 2006, 6:47 pm

Most of you will already have heard of it, but here's a news message for those uninformed about AHL: World Domination.

AHL: World Domination is a tournament in which two corporations wage war in order to conquer all of the AHL world. Western Dynamics and Overon Biotech will compete by battling it out on AHL maps to win the associated territory. You can join either side, but choose wisely, as the corporation expects your loyalty to the cause even if you die trying.

AHL:WD is still looking for more signups. So head over to the official website now!

- Ves

AHL:DC-rc2 hotfix1 is here! June 11, 2006, 10:54 pm

Alert! for all ahl:dc server admins!


This server side only hotfix patch, addresses 2 major issues that have been bugging us since rc2 release last august(2005):

* server crashes through bouncing grenades/thrown knives
* End of round TKing (annoyance!)

Patches can be downloaded here :

If you down loaded hotfix1 please redown load 1a from the links below!!!

*small bug correction*

Linux ahldc-rc2-hf1a.tgz
Windoze ahldc-rc2-hf1a.zip

Instructions for install are in the tgz/zip files.

*long live ahl!*

- Sykes

Izzle The Shizzle! May 8, 2006, 12:30 pm

G'day Folks...

For those of you that are still checking the MoA front page for updates, here is one!

You might be thrilled to see i've moved the "next release" progress bar up to 15%!

I've been busy slaving over the numerous bugs/enhancements that have been raised since rc2, and managed to close quite a few.

Unfortunatley i'm the only one working on the code these days, due to various reasons, however, i am endevouring a release towards August this year! (so watch this space!)

Keep playing AHL!!, do check back for updates, "stuff" is happening!

- Sykes

Get Gaming!!!! January 30, 2006, 12:24 pm

Ok Folks..

To make things a little more competative for you, the management have introduced psycho stats to the MoA servers!

Lets see who can make top grade here! remeber the Ministry are watching!!

Stats me up!

Also : we are reviewing map cycles, and shall be re-doing some of our server configs quite shortly..

A big thanks to those involved for their support!

- Sykes

Oi Oi January 6, 2006, 12:20 am

HAPPY New Year from all the team here at MoA!!

We're still alive and kickin

Work is progressing on the next release, slowly but surely.

Over the past few months, ahl:dc has had its ups and downs, its nice to see some new faces, and sad to see some other move on...

MoA is still developing AHL and is contemplating it's next steps for the next release.


I've been presured into organising a League or some kind of comp. so watch this space!!

- Sykes

AHL:DC RC2 makes it way around the globe! August 11, 2005, 12:31 pm

The ministry's foreign intelligence bureau have been tracking the release since monday..

We've had over 1700+ downloads of the client from our primary mirror, and many more from the mirrors.

The PR department are still working on more mirrors for the release, head on over to our Files Area to check out how to obtain AHL:DC-rc2 on a mirror near you!

Also a few articles on game sites.. our interpretors assure us the comments are all good so far..

more updated to follow
NB : yup the status bar on the left is back to 0% work on RC3 is about to commence!

- Sykes (Last edited by Ves)

AHL:DC RC2 RELEASE!!!!!!!! August 8, 2005, 6:11 pm

After much sweat, blood, tears(Oh and a few thousand miles of traveling to get wasted), The Ministry of Action are proud to present AHL:DC release candidate 2!!!!

Lets get straight to it!

Windows Full Installer
Linux Dedicated Server

The Ministry's department of propaganda have cunningly setup some servers to entice the masses to join our new AHL gaming revolution. (And im not talking about "stackenblocken" haw haw).

Anyhow here's the Changelog for the curious : *enjoy*

=== AHL: Directors Cut RC2 changes (08-08-05) ====

Gameplay with goals is now fully functional
- lives system
- NPC entity
- fixup of Game Triggers
- improved entity mastering
- goal scoring system improved with round system
- goalmaps added
New Media/Content
- new manual
- new splashscreen
- movie intro added
AHL Fastdownloads server added for downloading custom content at lightning speed
Dynamic lighting added (shooting lights up the surrounding area)
New bots configurations added
Command: killallbots added - This will gib any bots left alive
Command: sv_botgrudge added - When set to 1 bots will punish teamkills
env_model: Mappers can now add animated entities to their maps
Example mapcycles for different gamemodes added
Example Configurations reworked
Super Volcanos mode added

Tweaks / Bugfixes
Fixed player model selection pics in UI
All maps now have proper .res, .loc, and .mat files
Akimbo colts are now compatible with V1 weapon models
Optimized headshot detection code
Reduced size of head hitbox
Dive bumping is back
Greater chance of disarming with kungfu
You can now use a turret or machinegun while holding a knife
Bots are now chosen at random
When a team has only 1 subteam you automatically join this team
Changed some of the file structure
- bot waypoints now with maps
- model VGUI images now with models
Multiplayer scoreboard behaviour when joining fixed
All bot info files are now lowercase so they work on linux
Updated FGD file
Incorporated features from the latest metamod SDK release
Akimbo Colts animation issues fixed
Linux server code - now compatible with metamod again!

Weapon Changes

Known bugs (major)
Creating your own game (listenserver) and playing on it will fuxor the prediction:
You will shoot multiple bullets for each shot and accuracy isn't right. This bug
was already present in previous versions of AHL.

The Managment

- Sykes

FINAL MOMENTS... July 18, 2005, 11:23 am

G'day folks...

I know interest has started to dwindle.. and the date for this release keeps slipping forever!!!!

the GREAT NEWS is we are there!!! some final additions had to be made.. to make the goal modes better, and improve overall gameplay.


but for now to get you all fired up about ahl:dc-rc2 some pimpage material


we hope you enjoy this as much as we did...
(Great work, and much repect to Rogue, for putting this trailer together.. simply awesome dude!)

<----- NB we're at 99% its PACKAGE and RELEASE TIME!!

- Sykes

ALL FREEEZE!!! June 22, 2005, 12:20 pm

OK Folks..

Just a quick update before I head off to the fields of glastonbury!

we've finally reached a point of feature lock! all new things are completed,
all bugs (found so far) have been ironed out.. and the goal maps for the next release
are in excellent shape...

As stated in the previous update : we really need to get a little testing done by
as many as possible.. so do drop by the openbeta server (check the forums for info)HERE!

The final stages are now for us to package up the release..
We're putting together a complete installer.. this is to avoid confusion for new comers.. this will be a one stop shop release for ahl:dc

everything is being reviewed! models,maps,sounds,configuration

it's closer than ever!

NB : The ministry have really appreciated the patience, support and input of the fans, we aim to live up to your trust in us for another good release :D

- Sykes

ok - LAST HAUL!! May 17, 2005, 11:28 pm

Yo! Yo!

Its almost here! -> We're almost done mucking about with changes/features etc.
and almost ready to release.. just one last thing to do!


To make sure we're not packaging up a buggy/crashin nasty release.. we're opening up the doors to anyone who's up for some testin! -> DETAILS in the FORUM!
(I will try and organise some more official times next week!)

Basically we're looking at runnin our beta for a week (maybe two).. then its release release!

We've overcome some significant issues with goal stuff and its looking better than ever.. we hope you will be impressed/even nostalgic with some of the maps were resurrecting :D


- Sykes

Almost there April 5, 2005, 9:29 am

We appreciate the ongoing support by AHL fans (the few that are left!)..

Work is still going on where possible to move along with the next release of ahl:dc

We're just tidying up a few loose ends and getting ready to put our latest works together for the next candidate! (rc2)

So.. it shouldn't be long now.
Just to clarify for those that are eager to get their hands on a new release :
The Ministry is soley pursuing the developement of the ahl directors cut, as fanbased effort, and all the time the coders put in, is purely sparetime activity!

Although this means we're not a *dedicated* developement team, it does mean we will plod along and, try and get the best out of the game yet :D

We hope you'll enjoy the ride (whats left of it!)

Anyway.. fear not.. a release is due soon. And yes! as stated before the all important adminmod fix will be with this one!

- Sykes

Further update.... February 17, 2005, 10:14 pm

Wassup ppl.. :D

OK small update.. to keep the ball rolling..
Dont worry we havent abandoned anything, we are still slaving away with code and ideas, and forum threads!

But as a quick update thought I'd quickly drop in some pointers on whats been completed and whats left to do!

The ol' admin mod issues have been finally cleaned up! the next release will fix many problems (with the RC1 release) and will also fully support adminmod/metamod again!
*yay i hear you all cry!*

The 1st of three major parts of the goal code is now complete..

Lots of requests and tweaks have been put in.. we've taken all the feedback in our forums and elsewhere in to much consideration..

Well I would personally like to get *all* goal stuff done the old maps do work now..
Also we will be releasing a fully upto date FGD file for mappers to use new game entities in their maps

Complete a public fastdownload server, and make that available via default config

Some more reviewing of game content and such :)

More sound effects and stuff to give a little more action :D

OK.. thats it from me..
Keep playing AHL folks!!!!!

- Sykes

AHL:DC updates... January 18, 2005, 1:02 pm

I thought an update should be good about now!

well its been 2 weeks.. and what a great response we have had.. including the many positive articles we have had written about our release on various gaming sites), not forgettin the countless fans/friends who have popped by to say thanks!

there have been 3200+ downloads of the client from our great quadspeed mirror
and the ministry site alone has had over 250,000+ hits (thats over 5000 unique visitors) And yea, we did have a small panic with bandwidth consumption :D

anyway Developement of next release rolls on.. And I'd thought I'd keep you all keen by mentioning a few of our "in progress" items!

Yep, we want them back like beta3, but bigger and better than before (we hope!)
What this will mean is maps that will completely change the gameplay in ahl, giving teams or single players, something else to fight for, than just basic anihilation!

ClientSide Goodies:
We're keepin tight lipped on this one, but we're expecting to be releasing some new eye candy and little things to make the gameplay more visually exciting, more tweaks and hacks than anything.

This one is for the admins.. we are aware of current metamod issues, and aim to get this all cleaned up for next release.. please be patient :D we love our metamod too!!

Server Side stuff:
we have been listening to you all.. and have implimented a few bits and bobs..
All will be clear in the next release change.txt! (ie alltalk 2 var, and some talk var fixes...)

Ok.. thats it for now.. i dont want to give away all our secrets :D
plus we need to keep you all in suspense somehow!

The best way to support AHL:DC is by playing it more!! :D
Its been awesome to see the community virtually come alive again!

Its good to be back!

- Sykes

AHL:DC on Extreme-Players January 4, 2005, 10:21 pm

We got a new mirror on a huge german Gaming-Website (special thx to [ladnet]Ben)
plus a cute news article explaining what we are about .
We get further support from them on Versions to come , so
as well thank you to Slick and the Extreme-Players team .
Enjoy it :


further we got a reviews on
Planet Half-life
Halflife Portal
Halflife Japan
amped DX
--update (sykes) 7/1/05--
Blue's News
The Wall (ger)

thanks for your interest

- Rustymonkey (Last edited by Sykes)

AHL director's cut RC 1 OUT NOW! January 3, 2005, 11:36 pm

AHL:Directors Cut (rc1)

AHL: Directors Cut (release candidate1)!

Thats right folks... we reach our first release candidate.. download and enjoy all that AHL goodness..

Download installers and get shootin' :D
Windows client/server
Linux Dedicated server

Please note that these files are patches and will install over your original AHL V1 installation. A full installer will be available when AHL:DC is finalized.

Also to add to this initial release we have a legacy map pack, for all you oldskoolers!

Find that here -> Legacy Map Pack
(big thanks to quadspeed [dunc] for download areas)

Below you can find a complete summary of the changes to AHLv1
We think you'll agree.. the director's cut ROX!

New map added: ahl_beemer
Some maps readded and revised mapcycle + teams
Dynamic crosshair added (multiple!)
CVAR's: crosshair_dynamic, crosshair_dynamic_color, crosshair_dynamic_alpha
Akimbo silenced colts
Dive sounds
Net settings in commandmenu
Two new variables for chat messages: %k = number of kills, %a = ammo count
CVAR: select_empty_weapons added
When set to 0 empty weapons will be skipped when scrolling through the weapon buckets.
Headshot pitch is now varied
Code base migrated to gcc 3.2.3 (linux)

Tweaks / Bugfixes
Tweaked bullet wizz sounds and made them occur less often
Smokepuffs code optimized and more transparancy added
Disabled the screentilt by default
Prone roll speed reduced

Clientside weapon events sync'ed with serverside
Big overall accuracy increase
Lots of weapon accuracy prediction fixes
New recoil system with more natural accuracy modifiers

Lasersight and silencer accuracy increase is now predicted
Made silencer accuracy increase work
Fixed no accuracy difference between run/walk/stand

Cvar: sv_maxspeed set back to 280 by default
Deathmatch spawn code put back to HLDM code

Tolerable menu screen sounds
New menu splash screen (credits go to Rogue as it's an old wallpaper of his)
A few new weapon sounds

Server net rates are much higher by default to ensure smooth and consistent gameplay.

M4: Fixed lasersight not having any effect on accuracy
M4: Fixed no muzzleflash showing when you had a silencer
Akimbo SAA: Fixed not being able to reload to 6 bullets

Weapon Changes
Accuracy is now the same as the akimbo berettas
Added a bit more recoil

Colt 1911:
Accuracy is now the same as the akimbo 1911s
Fixed first shot being inaccurate
Added a bit more recoil

Colt SAA:
Accuracy is now the same as the akimbo SAAs
Removed huge recoil
Changed recoil system to match other guns
Faster firing with primary attack
Secondary fire now sustains a pretty good accuracy

Desert Eagle:
Added a bit more recoil
Allowed a little faster firing

Changed recoil system to match other guns
Increased recoil
Secondary fire is less accurate

Akimbo guns:
Slower secondary attack
Secondary attack sustains good accuracy

Single shot firerate is less limited
Firemode alters accuracy now
Single shot and 3 round burst are much more accurate
Full-auto is more accurate
Increased recoil
You now get 3 spare clips with a bandolier

24 bullets per magazine
Less movement slowdown when firing
Events sent reliably now
Single shot firerate is less limited
Firemode alters accuracy now
Single shot and 3 round burst are much more accurate
Full-auto is more accurate
Increased recoil
You now get 3 spare clips with a bandolier

Hand Cannon:
Now 12 shells spare instead of 16
Decal spread now true to real spread

Now holds 6 shells instead of 8
Now 12 shells spare instead of 16
Less pellets, more damage
Shotgun pellets are now predicted
Increased accuracy
Increased range
Different range damage falloff calculation
New effects for shotgun pellets
Removed short range damage multiplier

The following tweaks were done but temporarily removed.
There is no suitable weapon model and animations (yet).
Increased reload time
6 bullets, 6 spare
No more clip but manual reloading for each bullet

- Ves

Site launch December 24, 2004, 4:55 pm

Yes, the MoA site is pretty much done. Media has been added for AHL: Directors Cut and now it's merely waiting for a few tweaks before release! Read more about AHL:DC in the about section.

- Ves